Uradel von Sperling

The von Sperling of Mecklenburg belong to Germany's ancient nobility (Uradel). They lie at the genealogical and historical source of the Danish, Swedish and most likely the Prussian von Sperling branches.

The defining moment for the creation of these three branches is the 30 Year's War (1618 – 1648); a conflict in which the v.Sperling served as condottiere for Denmark, Sweden and Brandenburg.

The Swedish v.Sperling house was started by Kaspar Otto v.Sperling, naturalised in 1632. This lineage was raised to the status of Swedish Barons in 1653, and then to Counts in 1687 through General Georg (Jürgen) v.Sperling.  

He and his brothers Johann Christoph and Johann Rudolph v.Sperling were later created Counts of the German Empire in 22.08.1701.The best-known member of the Swedish line is the statesman and general Göran v.Sperling (06.12.1630 - 22.09.1691).

The Danish line starts with the naturalisation of Privy Councillor Joachim Ulrich v.Sperling in 22.05.1772. The family has flourished in Denmark since then.

The historical connections between the Prussian v.Sperling and the v.Sperling from Mecklenburg before the XVI Century need to be better understood and grounded on stronger documental evidence. This topic constitutes a priority area for further research.













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"... was zeitlich ist, erfreut mich nicht".
Hans Ernst Sperling, 1746.